Tuesday, March 23, 2010

walking again-

a little more than a year and an a half ago, i started walking with one of my neighbors. i had prayed for a neighbor and i thought she was the answer. it worked for a while. we walked 3 times a week- she agreed to my crazy schedule needs and i was so excited. she was many years my senior, had 1 son, was a great cook, knew how to sew and was interested in decorating and gardening. her yard is fantastic. i figured i'd learn a ton from her and would be so much the better from our relationship.

it didn't really work out that way.
perhaps i was the answer to her prayer instead.
no matter- it was meeting my goal of walking and i needed the accountability to drag me out of bed. so i stuck with it for 18 months.

and then she dumped me.
SHE dumped ME.
and i was devastated.
evidently she decided that walking in the morning didn't work for her and she needed to change her routine to the afternoon.

and so for the past 3 months i haven't walked. i suppose i could have- but i'm sort of worried about walking alone in the dark and i'm terrible with being accountable to myself. it was depressing.

until now.
i have a new walking neighbor!!
i'm thrilled. i see her every so often and out of the blue, she asked if i was interested in walking with her.
she agreed to my crazy schedule needs and she wants to walk every day.
and after 2 days.....

we're the same age, she's got 3 kids, is scattered just like me, has a super sense of humor and our goals for walking align perfectly.

Answered prayers- I love them!


lake lady said...

You are certainly not scattered. In fact, you are one of the most non-scattered people I know. You keep up a husband, child, demanding job, and are a wonderful friend to many, and you do it all with great style. Maybe you will insprire your walking buddy - she is lucky to have you. ;)Lynne

Playing Sublimely said...

LOVED your suggestions..thanks!

The Browns said...

Can't wait to hear the update!