Sunday, March 28, 2010

For the Birds

Cooper's class play was on Friday.

A big deal in and of itself- but a huge deal if you are petrified of speaking in crowds. As luck would have it, Coop's a prime candidate for a meltdown in this type situation.

Thankfully, his teacher is aware of this and cast him as a bird.
He wasn't happy.
He wanted to be a fish. He even told me, "Momma, I voted to be a fish TWICE and she made me a BIRD".
She knew what she was doing- being a bird was perfect for him.
He had 1 line and an adorable costume.


Where do people get these creative ideas?
In a move of sheer genius, the woman who made the costumes figured out how to use a big t-shirt and a bunch of plastic feathers.

They were perfect.

Cooper was mesmerized by the whole thing.

And after the play, he said-
"You know, I'm glad I wasn't a fish. My costume was way better and I didn't really like the dance they had to do."

Whew- crisis averted!
After the play, everyone gathers for the photo ops....these 3 are peas in a pod.

I love 2nd grade-

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The Browns said...

LOVE this costume!