Monday, March 1, 2010

Any guesses?

I went to Lori's service on Saturday- sadly, I've been to lots of funerals and memorial services in my life. It was so beautiful and gut wrenching and a reminder about what it truly important in life. Not work, not material things- but family, friends and faith.

A reminder I needed, and the 2nd one of it's kind on Saturday. The first was the devotional at Cooper's Upward game....about not sacrificing the gifts we're entrusted with (our children) for things that don't have any meaning (like work).

And on Sunday, the 3rd reminder- I got sick. Jon called it roto-virus, I called it just plain awful. I couldn't move a muscle- I could barely get to the bathroom and back which was quite the necessity. I was useless and so spent the entire day doing nothing. Nothing at all. I didn't talk to anyone, read anything, eat anything or even think. I did crawl to the sofa to watch some of the Olympics.

Today, I told my boss that I couldn't come to work- that I was sick. Unheard of. I put an out of office message on my e-mail and although I had a big event that I needed to be a part of, I was able to do it by phone and then tune out the rest of the afternoon.

And I can't tell you how fabulous it felt, even though I'm still not 100%.
I need to do this more often- not be sick, but limit my craziness and be present when it's appropriate. Not 24/7 running like a chicken without her head.

I'm going to try.

One funny that came out of being sick- Jon called and asked whether I was in the mood to eat anything. I said that I thought soup might be good. I told him that the only kind we had in the house was tomato and that wasn't really doing it for me since I had been sick.

So my sweet hubby stopped at the grocery store and picked up some soup for me.
I'll send a $10 T@rget gift certificate to the person who leaves a comment with the kind of soup that showed up in my bowl tonight.

It does make me laugh!
Happy Monday-


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Alphabet chicken noodle - blog ideas while staring at the letters. He wouldn't bring home Tomato, would he????

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