Sunday, September 12, 2010

Geographically Challenged

Cooper and I were snuggling on the sofa this morning.
He was playing football on his PSP and I was checking e-mail.

This was our conversation-

Him- Hey Momma, help me pick the teams.
Me- Um, the Eagles?
Him- Ok, who should they verse?
(for more details on versing, click here)
Me- How about the Patriots?
Him- Are they from New England?
Me- Yes, do you know where New England is?
Him- Yea, it's in China.

I burst out laughing....I couldn't help it.
So, we had a quick lesson on exactly how far New England is from China and then, which states comprise New England.

Clearly he enjoyed summer a little too much...good thing school's back in session!


He does make me laugh!


Denise said...

LOL Carolyn!! Happy Monday...we need a lunch date~

melissa said...

still laugh at the verse.

for the love of a house said...

tell Cooper I said Hello from "China"!!

too funny!