Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fungus & Updates

A while ago, Joan at For the Love of a House talked about decorating with things you find in nature.

Her post tugged at my heartstrings because my mom is big on bringing the outside in. When we were little she was always collecting pods and pine cones and other "stuff" for her to work into making our house feel homier (is that a word?).

This is the scene at my parents house right now-



See, home-y.

Joan is big on using nature too and did this post, which I loved. In case you don't click over- she talks about these awesome tree fungi also referred to as "conks". After I read it I thought- a) how awesome are those conks and b) that must be a northern thing because I've never seen those here and c) I find it odd that I'm thinking so much about tree fungus!

Fast forward to last week when I went outside to throw some stuff in our compost bid. I'm not sure I posted this, but sweet Jon gave it to my for my birthday, and although it seems like a gift that might get a husband in trouble, I really do love it. Evidently, he wasn't liking it's original location and so he moved it to another place in our yard.

And, that place just so happened to be next to a tree that has a conk growing on it!


I know, I know- it doesn't take much to throw me over the edge.
I am really so excited! (although I'm not sure that it's the healthiest thing for the tree).

I yelled for Jon who thought I had lost my mind and after I explained said- you should blog about it. He makes me laugh.
Then, I sent an e-mail to the only person I knew who would truly share my excitement. Yep, JOAN.

Thank goodness for sweet blogging friends. Joan couldn't have been more happy for me. Thanks Joan!

I'm going to keep an eye on it and see how big it will get. I've also scouted out all the trees nearby for others without success.


Beauty in unexpected places- there is a lesson in there somewhere!

In other riveting news, we're doing really well without our TV. I don't think we've missed it too much. I didn't even blink about missing Gabby, Susan, Ree and the gang on their season premiere. Crazy.

I have played some wicked card games with the Coopster- and that makes me smile.

Hope you have a great day-


for the love of a house said...

WOW!! That is one handsome conk! Seriously, he's a beaut! And he's so big- sometimes I see them at only several inches. Have Cooper take a measuring tape to the depth x width and then do it again next year so you can see how much it has grown! I've never done that with conks, but with trees!
Yay for you!
Yes, beauty in unexpected places... makes everyday special!

for the love of a house said...

p.s. and I so think a compost bin is a great gift! I like gifts like that too (our lucky husbands:)!