Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Balance- I. Need. It.

Blahhhhh.....Barely hanging on here and trying to keep it all together!!! So, a few things to make me try and focus on the good.

My new wreath. I'm so much happier about it. A small thing, I know- but somehow its making a difference.


My friend Jennifer (who happens to be incredibly organized) suggested this site to help me in my eternal quest. There is almost a cult following for this woman- and while I can't sign up for everything she says, I can say that there are a few things that I've tried that are making a difference. The first- shining my sink every night before bed. Crazy & maybe a little odd- but it's working for me and that is something!!!

The other thing is an exercise where you take a trash bag and walk around your house and throw away 27 things. You can't stop until you get 27. This is huge for me. Not that the 27 things made that big a difference- but they really did. A bag of "stuff" that was taking up real estate in my house that made no positive impact on my life. And it felt to great to just throw it out. I could do this every week (I think!!!)

Here is my pile- old makeup, some random pieces of foam that were in the bottom of my closet, a shoe box, almost empty shampoo bottles, magazines, some wood, samples of stuff i'll never use. It felt SO GOOD!

And lastly this....my reading obsessed child. His nose is always in a book and I LOVE IT!! We went to the grocery store and he read for the entire trip. A few people commented on how great it was to see a kid so into a book- talk about sending me over the moon.

I was getting things ready to leave the river on Sunday and looked out to see this.
He didn't even hear me come out and snap his picture.

I'm feeling more balanced already.
Have a great week!!


Lora said...

I have tried to live by The Flylady, but I end up failing miserably and feeling even worse.

I want that life, for a day.

The Browns said...

Will need to check out the organizer person, but it'll have to wait until I'm okay knowing that I'm bound to fall short of her expectations.

That thing you did right...you did it SO right! You should be proud!

dana said...

love flylady!!! kaneu has started reading and i am so happy because he is SO happy. he runs around saying "i can read!!!" and wants/tries to read things on products around the house. school is a good thing!!

Jennifer Barnum said...

Loved the shout out to me! (aka Fly Lady)