Monday, September 14, 2009

Musings on Monday

We had a relaxing yet productive weekend at home. It started with a most unusual and unexpected treat!

Diana and I were walking to her car on Friday afternoon. She was leaving for the day and had a dress in her car that of which I am the new proud owner. As we walked by the security desk we saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She said, "oh, whenever I see flowers like that I always secretly hope that they are for me- but they never are". And I said, "I know, I do the same thing!!"


And then the security guard said, "Hey, aren't you Neblett??"
And I said, "Yes" and she said, "Well, they ARE for you! I left you a message a little while ago."

WHAT??? Are you kidding me?? For me??

Aren't they wonderful?

This is the 5th time I've rec'd flowers from my hubby.
Jon and I worked together at the City (RIP Circuit City) and at the time I was dating this guy that adored me (imagine) but that I just wasn't that into. And apparently he sent me flowers and I made this whole big speech to my co-workers about how ridiculous it was to get flowers and they were such a waste and who did he think he was to just send me flowers and expect me to be all in love with him, as if that would make a difference. This rant was evidently forever etched into Jon's brain and so when we did start to date a few months later he figured that his life would be one free of the need to send flowers.

Except that flowers from the person that you ADORE are FABULOUS and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!

The first time he sent them to me was the day that we got engaged, except that I didn't know that it was that day, so it was a random Friday in January and this bouquet of daisies arrives (daisies are my favorite!). It actually never occurred to me that they were from him until I read the card. I just figured it was some client trying to be kind.

The reason for the bunch today was to say thank you for helping him with a tough summer and providing lots of support. And they couldn't have come at a better time. They were exactly what I needed and a super reminder that he really is a good Neb despite some of the recent craziness (you'll recall the black sock incident). I do love that man.

In other random news, I've got a new solution for the front door that I'm really happy with (pix later) and this little bit of fall that I put together after cleaning up a bit and finding an ancient tennis racket.

I've been reading The Nester and have borrowed some of her on the cheap wisdom on wreaths and house stuff in general.

That brings me to the productive....lots of cleaning and clearing happening this weekend. And it feels SO GOOD!

And while all that was happening, every once and a while I'd catch a glimpse of Boba Fett running around the house trying to collect the bounty on the bad guys that he'd captured. Hilarious!!


It's hard work....especially in a helmet with really small air holes!


Hope you had a great weekend too.
Happy Monday!

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Jennifer Barnum said...

I really wish Nathan read your blog. I too said the SAME comment about flowers ONE time & now he must think I am allergic to flowers. Hasn't sent them to me since I was prego.

Love Jon!