Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday & The Bahamas

It seems like forever ago that we were lounging on sugar sand beaches, sipping fruity drinks, enjoying the sun and living a life with no stress. It was exactly 7 days ago.

I believe what they say is true- it's better in the Bahamas! Actually, it's really better anywhere that takes away the daily stress of work, traffic and people who make me insane (currently, this is a long list and includes both people I know and people I don't- not to worry, if you're reading this I'm not talking about you!!)

Our cruise was fun....and the perfect end to the summer. I may post more pictures and memories but the ones below are some that make me smile. The center photo may be my favorite picture from the whole 271 that I took while we were gone (ok, maybe top 4). It's a cabana on Half Moon Cay. We rented the one beside it (genius move on my part- I highly recommend a cabana!) which was exactly the same except orange. Somehow the purple one lent itself better to pictures.

cruise mosaic

Couple hints that I feel I should pass on to anyone who may be going on their 1st was the case with me.

-The Chewbacca Contest is not a contest in which people are able to compete against each other for the best Wookie impression. As such, it's also not a place to sit in the front row with your 7 year old who adores not only Wookies, but anything Star Wars related. Evidently, a Chewbacca Contest is another way to advertise a Hairy Chest Contest. You can't get this kind of advice just anywhere people!

-It may be helpful to have a conversation with your child prior to leaving for your cruise that there are times that grown ups behave in ways that are inappropriate. That way, when a fight breaks out in the main dining room (in the table diagonal to yours) during which chairs are thrown back and drinks begin to fly along with language that makes me not only cringe but want to crawl under my seat, you won't have to think of what in the world to say to your child because he'll say,
"Momma, that was very inappropriate." and you can simply nod and agree and go back to eating your lobster.

Clearly, there is much to be thankful for!

Being able to travel and see places that we've never seen before
Spending time with my little family
Trying new things and learning in the process
Safe trips and luggage that goes where it's supposed to
1st days of school that go really well
The ability to laugh and learn from the crazy that turns up when you least expect it.
Knees that are on their way to a full recovery (no more PT for me...hooray!)
Fresh starts each September...being organized, positive and ready each new day!

Have a super long weekend (yet another thing to be VERY thankful for)!!


Jennifer Barnum said...

LOVE the pictures! Is that Diana's dress you are wearing? It looks great on you.

And thanks for the advice about cruises. I have never taken one & am scared too so the fact that you survived makes me feel better.

Have a fun & safe Labor day weekend!

Denise said...

Great pics!! I love cruising!!!

The Browns said...

Ok - just catching up, and So glad I did. The silence on Coopie's school was killing me. SOOO glad it went well.

And the Wookie contest - literally made me laugh out loud. Thank you! I'm actually looking forward to coming back to work so we can catch up. Well, kind of...

All your pictures are fabulous - SO great, but the one of the 3 of you in *the* dress - FANTASTIC!