Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beached Whale- unbelievable!!

This just in....
Jon and Cooper were fishing this afternoon and saw this.


They thought it was a tent at first....and then realized that it was indeed a whale. Sadly, he wasn't alive.

They called a friend who called the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and they dispatched a team of biologists to come to the site. It's not everyday that this happens and understandably they are interested.

I can't imagine.

Cooper and Jon were mesmerized by his size and the fact that they were indeed seeing what they thought they saw.


I'm glad for a few things....1) iPhones and 2) dads who realize that safety is indeed a factor in times like these (note his hand holding on to Cooper).

I hope that the whale didn't suffer, but from the quick internet search that I did it seems that he probably did. So sad.

Chalk one up for science and weekend fishing trips!!


The Browns said...

I'm sorry, but W-H-A-T?!?!?!

This will forever and ever and ever by Cooper's ice breaker, little known fact. Pick which one is false.
1 - When I was little I hated shirts with holes...including button holes.
2 - I start playing soccer at age 4.
3 - My dad and I discovered a beached whale off the James River.


And mad, mad, mad props to Jon for being smart enough to break out the phone and take pics.

carolyn said...

I know!!!!

He called me and could barely get the story out- and of course, I didn't believe him....I mean, who sees a beached whale for heavens sake??

And, just because I know you'll be telling a gazillion people...not the James River...the York.

Either way- completely CRAZY!

I played soccer at age 4- ha!!

Jennifer Barnum said...

Free WILLY! OMG...I can not believe that Cooper & Jon got to see a beached whale (not talking about me in a bathing suit either) in the York river. Did Cooper bring pictures to show his friends at school? They must think he is soooooo cool.

By the way, how was the Chick Click class? I hated that I missed it.

Jennifer Barnum said...

I heard about this on the radio today. Jon and Cooper are celebs. I can tell the folks at work that I know the guys that discovered the dead whale. On the news they were talking about how bad the whale smells now. They said they may have to leave it there to rot if it is too big to move. Neat & smelly discovery!

Nathan Barnum

dana said...

I cannot believe they found this poor creature!! Jon's pics are beautiful of her - the online pics in the paper are scary. Oh the poor thing!