Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Us vs. Them

You know those joke e-mails that you get that show the difference between how a man sees things vs. a woman?

I feel like my day could circulate the universe today in one of those...and have women everywhere nodding with understanding.

My day-

-Wake up at 5:30 to take the dog for a walk
-Come back home, feed dog
-Make lunch for Cooper
-Shower, get dressed
-Fix breakfast for Cooper
-Provide guidance on appropriate clothing choice for school and ensure that Pokemon cards don't get packed in with lunchbox
-Drop a load of laundry in washing machine
-Load dishwasher
-Take Cooper to school....walk him in vs. dropping off in carpool line (still early in year for such bravery)
-Go to work
-Get pummeled by executives who have potentially lost their minds
-Meet fabulous friend for lunch in cafeteria and laugh hysterically over the craziness of our lives
-Return to work....pummeling over (at least for today)
-Call hubby to check on child status and dinner
-Leave work at 5:45
-Arrive home at 6...tend to child's injured foot (potentially a ploy to get out of trash night)
-Gently coax injured child in taking out trash so as not to disrupt the zenlike quality of our evening
-No dinner options exist...so we head to Jas0n's Deli. Love that place.
-Coop is still missing 2 red pens and a composition notebook for school- must find.
-We also need more lunch supplies and Jon informs me that he needs shower gel (but "please don't get Lever")
-Remember that friends 102 yr old grandma died...need sympathy card
-Purchase all needed supplies and return home
-Help Cooper with his homework
-Check home e-mail and a few blogs, fill out school picnic paperwork
-Perform nightly bedtime routine (cup of milk, brush teeth, use bathroom, discuss day, read 2 chapters from Cam Jansen, tickle arms and back, turn on fish tv nightlight, kiss him goodnight)
-Fold 1 load of laundry
-Put away 2 previously folded loads of laundry
-Clean up a recently noticed "puppy p spot" on carpet that may or may not reoccur
-Turn on dishwasher
-Put load of clothes in dryer
-Take dog out for last "go"
-Sit down at computer for some me time (completely ignoring the fact that I have probably 2 hours of work for work that needs to be done)

His day (and I'll admit....I don't know everything that happened..but since this is MY blog, this is MY perspective!)

-Wake up at 6:15
-Grab needed things for day
-Say a few encouraging words to wife and child
-Leave for work
-Work until 3 (no kids this week)
-Change clothes and go to job painting house
-Take call from wife at 5:15....let her know that you'll pick up Coop.
-Meet at home...drive to Jason's.
-Wait in car while wife obtains needed items in grocery store
-Come home, walk/feed dog
-Head upstairs to read in bed and surf the web
-Realize that it's probably in your best interest to help put away laundry
-Stretch, yawn, brush teeth....
-Snuggle down into bed and drift off to dreamland



A Country Farmhouse said...

Hi Carolyn, Love your 'Us vs. Them' post! Last night I told hubby that, 'I wasn't a short order cook.' I couldn't help but laugh after I said it(and hubby too) but I think I (kinda) made my point! ; ) Trina

Jennifer Barnum said...

This has been my life for the past 2 days- I feel your pain. Nathan had strep throat but you would have thought he had the swine flu from his lack of getting out of the bed. Gotta love him though!