Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green.....

I try, I really do but I end up feeling like I'm not doing enough and it adds 1 more thing to the list of 437 things that I already feel guilty about.

We use the special light bulbs- but only in lamps that I don't need rely on to actually see anything. And I try to combine trips to save gas but that's sort of a random thing....even when I work from home 1 day a week I usually end up having to go somewhere so I'm probably not reducing my footprint in a major way. We do recycle and I've stopped using plastic bags for lunch by using these instead. Click over- they are AWESOME!!

But when it comes to re-using....I'm all over it. Jack Johnson sings about it and if I break it down into the 3 R's- I feel like maybe I'm doing my part to help save the world.

When Cooper was born, I got tons of clothes from friends and family and I barely spent a dime myself. The gravy train ended and I realized that I'd need to pick up the ball. Clothes were (are) expensive and I really couldn't afford to outfit him in the brands that I wanted. Plus, I had a ton of great clothes that were too small but barely used. Sooooo- I discovered the beauty of 2nd hand clothes stores. It was great and I could basically trade the old for new (or-new to me). Beautiful. But then I discovered the mecca of all 2nd hand clothing options.

The Church Sale. And in particular, this church sale.

If you know me, you can vouch for what a complete freak I am about this sale. It happens twice a year and I've been attending since Cooper was a baby. I've been consigning since he was 2 1/2. That's how long it took me to get into the sale- there is a multi-year waiting list. When I finally got in I had to attend an orientation, but it happened to be the same weekend as Fashion Week and I was in NY!! (yes- there is totally a story there...perhaps another time) What are the odds that 2 once in a lifetime chances would be on the same day. Soooo- I begged Jon to go for me. And he went- and he'll NEVER FORGIVE ME!! Oh, the thought of that makes me laugh so hard!!!

Anywhoo...I got in, Jon gave me the crazy details and I've been going ever since. It's twice a year and it's almost overwhelming.

This is what you walk into on sale day-

And this is the toy room-

And this is what you can walk away with....

A Columbia ski jacket ($12)

A Brooks Brothers no-iron white dress shirt ($1)

Pants (none more than $3.50)

Shirts for school (none more than $3)

An $8 Halloween costume (so that visiting friends can dress up too)

Lots of reading material (all for $6)

I also picked up 5 pairs of "lounge pants"- the new pajamas of choice, 2 fleeces, 1 hooded sweatshirt, 4 long sleeve t-shirts and some snow boots.

All for $99. It makes me giddy to even type it.
In about a month, I'll get a check for the money that was generated from the 118 items that I took to consign (minus 20% that gets donated to help various charities that the church supports).

It's a win/win and I feel great about it.

I'm getting clothes for Cooper that are in great shape- and that means I'm not buying new (or at least not as much new as I might).

I less stressed if things get stained or torn- which makes it easier for Cooper to be a kid! Spending $2 on that Polo shirt instead of $40 helps me to relax.

I'm recycling his old stuff- either via the sale or by giving friends hand-me-downs. It saves money and it makes sense. Plus, the hand-me-down recipients are thrilled to have "Cooper-wear"! That makes me smile.

The church sale is attended by people who are really in need of help (in addition to crazy people like me who love a bargain!). They get vouchers to shop for whatever they need and whatever is leftover at the end of the sale goes to local charities to do even more good.

Maybe being green isn't as hard as I think!!


The Browns said...

We do love our Cooper-wear and I know that lots of other little boys are out there digging it too!

Thanks for letting us be the happy recipients of your green!! We love it!

Jennifer Barnum said...

I really wanted a mention of me & my lack of bringing a bag to my first WEAG sale in this post. Your face when you saw me without a bag/suitcase still makes me laugh.