Saturday, February 11, 2012

fancy vs. fun

cooper is at a friends house tonight and jon and i had plans to go out for a fancy meal- grown ups only!

as luck would have it mother nature intervened and delivered a wintry mix that made us think twice about leaving our little nest.

no matter.
a trip to the mixer aisle at our local grocery store and we're golden!

we're also high class as you can see by our bar ware.

doesn't everyone celebrate with personalized tervis tumblers? the gypsy soul was jon's 1st boat...ahh the memories!!

for me? what else but an appletini...

in a wine glass!!!

part of what i love most about us is that we don't take ourselves to seriously and we're always up for fun.

do i love fancy? absolutely.
but fun??? that's my favorite!!!


Dee Stephens said...

Some of our best nights are spent at home cooking and enjoying cocktails.

Christa said...

Living the moment! Great!
Appletini ... had to google on it. I have lived such a sheltered life, haha.