Wednesday, February 8, 2012

oh the places i'll go.....

small town living...there are pros and cons.
we're in the honeymoon stage right now so there is a whole lot of good and really, not much bad at all.

topping the good list?

10 Places I Can Walk within 10 Minutes

1. our church
2. the Post Office
3. the library (which is AWESOME for the coopster!!)
4. the waters edge
5. Radio Shack
6. town hall
7. the DMV
8. a local Furniture Store (where we purchased a split box spring for our queen size guest bed that wouldn't fit up the steps. thankfully, the king wasn't an issue!)
9. a cute little shop called "divin' off the dock"
10. the nail salon

seriously. i am so super excited!!!
oh! and because I can't wait for it to start, i'm adding a #11.

11. the Farmers Market (held every Saturday in Spring, Summer and Fall)



Dee Stephens said...

I love being able to walk places

Meg {henninglove} said...

plenty of awesome places to walk to. i wish i had more i could go walk in my town, i love being able to walk and not have to rely on my car to go everywhere

Christa said...

Sounds fantastic. So European. Walking is great. When we went to Key West last week ... we arrived and parked ... didn't touch the car for three days ... packed the car and left. Bliss!