Monday, June 2, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to school.....

The below was copied from an e-mail that I sent to Jon after dropping Cooper off at school this morning. I was so proud of myself for starting Monday off on the right foot...I was up early and was completely on top of everything. We were 10 minutes early on our normal morning route. Then- things turned wrong.

Honey- On the way to school this morning, we saw a turtle in the road.......not your ordinary, run of the mill turtle that I am used to you finding along the road. This turtle was GIANT. I'd say his shell was 12 inches long and his feet, head and tail were HUGE. There might as well have been a cat in the road. Of course, I can't just drive I stop. And Cooper is beside himself with excitement-he's climbing out of the car........

So- picture if you will, ME- trying my hardest to be a tough, nature loving mom because there is a turtle in the road and of course, if you were around there wouldn't even be a question- you'd handle it.
I try to pick up the turtle to move him to the other side of the road (I have already told Cooper that we cannot take him home) and the turtle clearly wants no part of me moving him. He rears up on his legs which seem to be amazingly strong for some bizarre reason and I freeze and drop him. Cooper is yelling at me- "save him momma"............great.
So I try again- and by this time my stomach is churning and I'm starting to freak out- my heart is pounding. This time, I pick him up and these turtle claws reach around (I have NO idea how this is physically possible- but it happens) and try to scratch me. Again, I drop the turtle and decide I need to get smart (I am now breathing quite heavily and trying to remain calm). I go back to the car and get this box top thing (you know that blue car organizer box thing that my parents gave us for Christmas) and I've decided that if I can get him onto the box that I can take him to the other side of the road. Not so- the turtle lurches at me and tries TO BITE me. Ok- so now I'm completely freaked out- my heart is pounding and I'm sweating. Cooper is now concerned- I am not sure whether it's for me, or the turtle. A car approaches and I think- oh good- some help has arrived. The car is driven my a 97 year-old man who clearly doesn't want any part of my turtle escapade. He drives around the turtle- very cautiously (thank you sir).

A second car approaches.......and pulls to the side. I can't see the driver- but there is a teenage girl in the passenger seat and she's climbing out of the car and then- HER DAD GETS OUT!!!HOORAY!!!!!!!!! He's going to save the day (he's a granola type man-thankfully). I say to him- "I tried to help him- but he's sort of a mean turtle". And he laughs and says- "Yeah- he's a mean one all right-let's see what we can do". At this point, his daughter is concerned-"Dad- be careful".........the man approaches the turtle and the turtle is already lunging at him.
What is with this crazy turtle? Hello- we come in peace!
The man picks the turtle up by his tail (I didn't even realize that this was an option) and the turtle goes nuts and is trying to bite the man and he calmly walks him over to the edge of the creek and puts him in the water. Crisis averted- turtle saved- the day can continue. I thanked the man profusely and then we all climbed back into the car and drove away.

This is Jon's reply...
Hilarious! Great story- it was a snapping turtle...they are big and mean and best left alone. We are a small box turtle family.

So clearly, I have learned a huge lesson in turtles. I cannot wait to see what Cooper's version of the story is when he gets home and tells Jon tonight!

After doing some research, snapping turtles are known to be agressive especially when on land and can indeed remove a finger (is anyone sensing a "thankful thursday" reference this week?). My advice- if you see one....keep driving. I have included the below for reference!

Happy Monday!


nu's godmomma said...

we may be a box turtle family too - since Brian's allergic to everything else! Love the story - you are brave!

Denise said...

Oh Carolyn, I love this story...I miss your funny stories!