Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday my parents celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary. 42 years! I am thankful for the love they've shared and for the lessons they've passed to me.

I'm happy to report that my mom is doing really well. She's been taking the pain medication regularly (which is helping her a ton) and seems to be handling the bed rest like a champ. I am thankful that she and my dad are surrounded with friends and family to make this time a bit easier to manage. I'm also thankful that the burden has been lessened some for my dad- that is a blessing in more ways than one!

Cooper's 6th birthday party was on Sunday. Typically, I do a family party with a few of our close friends and their children- sort of a cookout that happens to be Cooper's birthday as well. This year I felt like Cooper deserved a "real" party. I got really inspired by a geyser kit that I saw here and found a bunch of other experiments via Google. Take a look at the before and after for the "rocket" geyser!

A thoughtful friend gave me some lab coats that her church was using for VBS and I bought clipboards for the boys to record their findings. Jon helped me to drape the basement in tarps and Wade (our nephew) was on hand to help us be "scientific". 4 little boys had such fun- and so did 3 adults. Here they are making molecules with toothpicks and dots candy. I think they ate just as many as they connected.

I am thankful that the day was incredible and that Cooper loved every second of his party. After the boys were gone, Cooper looked so sad and I asked him what was wrong- his answer? "I'm sad because it's all over. I had so much fun Momma." I am thankful for my sweet baby kid!

Jon and I had a chance last week to spend some time alone (while Cooper was with my parents). We spent the time doing everything and nothing without responsibility. I am so thankful for this time together and for the amazing relationship that we share. Here's to 42 years- and more!

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The Browns said...

LOVE the book idea! i have one for S & G's first year - they're great.

Making the banana pudding friday. Secretly hoping there will be leftovers for me to bring home...