Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Cooper!

I cannot believe that he's 6 years old. The time has flown...he has grown so much since we brought him home from the hospital in his bucket seat- he's grown so much in the past month!!

So many things that I love about him.

I love to hear his voice. Sometimes I hear him singing to himself and it melts my heart. It's so sweet and full of the happiness that should be a part of childhood. We've worked hard to keep him "little" for as long as we could....and it's been so worth it.

I love to listen to him tell a story. He's so expressive and so intent on getting his message across. He's got a great imagination and is so creative as he weaves the pieces together in his mind and then watches to see your reaction.

I love to snuggle next to him at bedtime. The 3 of us curl up and read stories and talk about the day. The pets gather around the bed and it's such a great time to reflect and find out what's happening inside his little mind.

I love to see him laugh- the real, carefree, from the belly kind of laugh that we sometimes forget exists. He's got such a great sense of humor- it's one of my favorite things about him.

I love to hug him. His skinny little arms wrap around my neck and squeeze and I could just drink him in. I know these may not last for much longer but I can hope!

I love how much he loves his dog- truly boy's best friend. That dog has seen us through many a trauma....from lost toys to high fevers, bursts of anger to being scared of the dark. Their bond is so strong and so unconditional.

I love his passion for learning new things, not really risk taking things- but educational type things. He's constantly asking questions and I have to chuckle when he says, "let's just look that up on snakes.com" (or volcano.com or stormtroopers.com or whatever the subject of the day may be).

I love that he loves us and finds so much joy in our family. His favorite place is our home (or at the river) and nothing makes him happier than to spend the day at home as a family.

I love that he completes Jon and me and that we are better because of him.

Happy Birthday Cooper!

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Denise said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! We hope to meet and play with you soon~