Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I love a bargain!

Update! Went to Ukrop's tonight and glanced at their ferns....$19.99- I am SO proud of myself.

We (I actually mean, Jon) power washed the porch this weekend and so were able to bring the cushions out of storage. We can now actually use the space. Our pollen is so terrible that it's at least an inch thick in some places and power washing it away is the only option!

I rearranged the furniture this year and think that the space has some potential....but I needed plants. I've got these great planters that beg for ferns but I don't usually do super well with them. Anyhoo.....Cooper and I went to the Great Big Greenhouse to check out the selection. Ferns were $18 and I needed 2. Hmmmm- I wandered around to think about how worth it fems would be. I never realized that TGBG had a clearance section, but they do and wouldn't you know it- ferns for $8.99! They were a little haggard, but once I cleaned them up they're good as new (well, good as $18). I'm thrilled!

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