Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I've had so much on my mind this week to be thankful for, and hardly know where to begin. It's been a good week- busy, but satisfying.

My parents are home from England, arriving at JFK late Sunday evening. I'm thankful for their safe return and that they had a fantastic trip. They're fighting the jet lag but secretly, I know they love every second!

I am thankful that a certain snapping turtle had enough grace to leave my fingers attached when I tried to help him cross the road (see my earlier post this week for details).

I am thankful that Cooper completed kindergarten successfully! His year was a complete dream probably more so for me than for him- but he worked hard and we're very proud of him.

His closing ceremony was on Wednesday morning and it was so sweet. He struggles with crowds and told me that he was really nervous before we left for school. When they filed into the church, he wasn't where he was supposed to be- and I was worried. Then he appeared, clutching the hand of his teacher with soggy eyes and sniffly nose. She later told me that he said to her, "I don't want to graduate". She said she wasn't sure who had cried first- Cooper or her. I am thankful that he had an incredible teacher- one who filled his days with happiness, love, hugs and acceptance. It makes a world of difference.

I am thankful that my husband was open to receiving some feedback this week. I am also thankful that he provided me with some as well and that we were able to really talk through our issues and find some common ground and peace. He's wonderful and sometimes, I can lose focus on that because I get caught up in myself. I feel so safe in our relationship and truly treasure what we've built together.

I'm thankful for the interactions that I've had with friends this week. Some old and some new- I've laughed and cried and had some tough conversations, but through it all have felt wrapped in a cocoon of true friendship. That makes such a huge difference in my world.

Yesterday, a thick envelope arrived addressed to Cooper with a return address that I didn't at first recognize. Cooper opened the package and it was filled with art books and art supplies (a beginner drawing kit, colored pencils, 2 sets of paints, a tablet). My eyes filled with tears. There was a note included that read:

Dear Cooper,
A long time ago we met. Then we saw one another at a birthday party and another time after that.
Each time I saw your art work, I was amazed. Your drawing and coloring is fantastic. You are a great artist. Every person who is great at what they love keeps improving what they love. So I hope these art supplies bring you joy and encouragement to keep doing what you love.
Remember: Use your gifts! God gave them to you so that you could make the world better.
Your art brings joy to me...and so I am better when I see it.
Love and Peace,
Mrs. D
The woman is my sweet friend Christy's mother-in-law and she is a minister. The package came straight from her heart to Cooper. She's literally met him 3 times and each time included some interaction during which Cooper was occupied with an art project. I've had conversations with her about how much he loves to be creative- but really just in passing. She cannot know what a huge gift she gave to my son and the impact that her words have made on both of us. I was (and still am) overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and love that were a part of this act of kindness.
I am simply- thankful.


Jennifer Barnum said...

I love reading your “Thankful Thursdays.” My sister gave me this glass container & a bag of marbles one Christmas. I was supposed to put a marble in the glass container for every time I was thankful. Needless to say, I have forgotten to do this. I think I may start a Thursday tradition at dinner for Nathan & I put a marble in the container & say what we are thankful for. THANK YOU for reminding me that I have so much to be thankful for!

nu's godmomma said...