Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday

In three more days, I'll be in Philadelphia at a Jimmy Buffett concert. That thought makes me so happy...I've been excited for months. My dad sent me the details for the show months before the tickets went on sale. Had it not been for him, I never would have gotten the tickets. He's all about an article in the paper or a blip on-line that may apply to me somehow. He carefully clips things from the newspaper or magazine, folds them in a funny, haphazard sort of way and mails bunches of them to me in envelopes with his familiar chicken scratch. They vary in topic, and sometimes include Haggar cartoons....but they are sent with such love and a desire to make my life better in some way, big or small. I am thankful for a father who shows me how much he loves me in the best way he knows how. I'm looking forward to spending Father's Day with two of my favorite fathers!

We'll drop Cooper at my parents and head to the concert with a diverse group of friends. My oldest friend in the world, Dawn is coming with us. She doesn't even really like Jimmy (I don't hold this against her) but said that she wouldn't miss it for the world because it would give her a chance to spend some time with us. How great is that? We're meeting two of Jon's friends from college who now live in New Jersey (we don't hold this against them). Will and Patty are hilarious- and my first introduction to them was 10 years ago at my 1st Jimmy concert. I've never been the same! Rounding out the attendees are Will and Patti's neighbors....have no idea who they are but am sure they'll be up for some fun. I am thankful for the opportunity to spend an evening doing something that brings out the best in Jon and me. Relaxing with friends, having no cares, singing my lungs out and laughing for hours!

I got a call from my brother tonight. He sounded absolutely elated......I couldn't imagine what he was so pumped up about. He's not someone that usually gets "over the moon"but he definitely was tonight. He could barely contain himself as he described the thrill of the catch and a play by play of getting this fish back onto the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

I am thankful that this fish fulfilled my brother in a way that he needed so much. I am hopeful that these memories will stay will him for a long time and bring him some peace.

Cooper has had a tough week. He's in flux at daycare while he waits for summer to come for children attending county schools. I've felt so guilty for not being able to spend this time with him and that I've had to leave him each morning in a situation that is safe and secure but not really ideal. He's looked so sad when I leave him and it tugs at my heartstrings. He'll stay with my parents next week and I am thankful that they are able to spend this time with him and that they have such a close relationship. A week at my parents may very well be better than a week at Disney World for Cooper. My parents are fortunate to live close to a ton of great activities/resources for kids. They are going to the Crayola Crayon Factory and Cooper is beside himself- he can hardly stand it. Each day this week he wakes up and says, "are we going to grandma's today?" The gift of having his grandparents and that they are willing and able to keep him for extended stays is priceless.

For so many reasons, too many to name, I am so thankful for the health and well being of our child. I hug him a little tighter and thank God for our blessing daily.

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