Monday, June 23, 2008

What's the Problem?

Today was Cooper's 1st day at summer "camp". He was up 1/2 the night in a panic because he doesn't like new places and he cried all morning (well, maybe all morning is an exaggeration- he cried for the 40 minutes prior to leaving for camp). Jon took him-he's so much better at things like that- he just drops him off to fend for himself, while I feel the need to coddle him and probably make it worse because I don't just rip off the band aid and leave him. When he came home, he was all smiles and said that he really liked it and had a good day. WHEW!! I figured that he'd be exhausted since he didn't sleep well last night and had played hard today coupled with the stress of it all. We climbed the steps at 8 and I figured we were golden.

At 9:37 I hear tiny footsteps approaching me while I was enjoying a little blog reading. This is the conversation.

Me: Oh, no buddy- what are you doing still awake?
Cooper: I don't know momma, I just can't sleep.
Me: Well, what do you think the trouble is?
Cooper: I think I must be a raccoon.
Me: A raccoon????
Cooper: Yes, you know- they are sleepy all day and they play all night. I think that must be the problem.

Yes, that MUST be the problem.

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