Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I got the kind of call last night that everybody dreads.   My father called and said, "Carolyn, your mother had an accident today".   My heart stopped and I listened to what came next.   She's ok, but in lots of pain.  (long exhale....thank you) We've been at the hospital all day, she was discharged at 9:30 and now we're back.   And then my mom's voice on the cordless...."I'm ok Pooh, just hurting".

Cooper stayed with my parents after we left on Father's Day for what was to be a vacation for everyone!   Their church was having Bible School each evening and they had some little adventures planned during the day.   Yesterday, they went to a botanical garden about 40 minutes from them that has a great kids section.  They were going to explore a new tree house exhibit.  

They were almost finished when my mom fell-  she said that she got twisted up in her own feet. The pain was so intense that she passed out, certainly alarming for anyone- but especially for a certain just turned 6 year old!   Once she came to, she wasn't able to move, and the medical staff at the garden (who were wonderful) called the ambulance.  

Ironically, my mother ended up in the same exact hospital where she had given birth to me exactly 39 years ago (yesterday was my birthday).   Apparently, this irony was lost on the staff! They sort of dismissed her injury as a bad fall but with nothing broken or sprained.   She complained of the terrible pain, but they couldn't find a cause.  As she was being discharged, she got up from the bed, and passed out again.  So- back into bed and more testing & blood work followed.   She was told that she couldn't leave until she walked without passing out and after a few hours when the pain medicine had kicked in, she walked a few feet in the walker and was discharged.    

She called her doctor this morning and told her what had happened.   Her doctor sent her to a specialist right away.   The orthopedic surgeon took one look at her x-rays and told her that her pelvic bone was broken.   There wasn't anything that he could do except prescribe some pain medication and tell her to stay in bed for 3 weeks, then come back for a check-up.   

I was able to rearrange my schedule to be out of the office so that I could come up to 1) make sure that my mom was ok  2) give my dad a little support and help him to figure out how to take care of my mom (instead of vice-versa) and 3) bring Cooper back home.  

She's doing well.  The medicine is helping, but she's still in lots of pain when she walks or sits. As long as she's in bed, she's comfortable.    

I am thankful that God was with my mom yesterday and kept her safe.  Breaking your pelvic bone break is serious but is not as grave as breaking a hip.    She's going to be fine, although the recovery will be long, and the pain is intense.

I am thankful that my parents were close to home when this happened, and not traveling in a country where medical care isn't as available or reliable.  

I am thankful that throughout the ordeal, my mom was able to reassure Cooper (who adores her and was panic stricken) that everything would be ok.   Her focus was on him- and perhaps that helped her to get through her pain a little more easily.  

I am thankful that I was able to come and help my parents.   I am thankful that I work for a company that allows such flexibility.  My manager is on vacation this week and my VP heard my story and said-  Go- help your family.

I am thankful for the prayers that have been and will be said for my mom.   She has a wonderful support system, and although I won't be able to be with her for the next few weeks, she has friends and siblings who will.

I am thankful for my family- they mean the world to me!  I am so blessed.

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Jennifer Barnum said...

I just finished reading your blog. I am so glad you mom is going to be OK. What an ordeal. I will keep her in my prayers. Hopefully her pain will lessen each day.