Monday, April 4, 2011

The Cleanse, part II

After the old clothes left the building, those that were left needed a little pick me up. Sara and Diana came back for Round II of the cleanse...this time to build me back up after I'd been stripped of the bad and the ugly!

Sara is a genius with accessories and took a look at my jewelry to help me add some pop to the remaining few pieces hanging in my closet.

I never would have put all these greens together...but I'm loving it!

And who knew that I could change the look of this top so easily?


I've never worn layered necklaces in my, I've got all sorts of combinations and I'm feeling super trendy.

Let's be clear- I took pictures so I'd remember exactly what went with what. There is no way I can handle the pressure each morning.

It takes me an extra 15 minutes to put together an outfit and get my accessories on.

But I feel so great when I finally walk out the door!

The book in the background? Sara lent me a few titles to help in my cleanse and this one was my favorite. I thought their show was hilarious and the book was no different. It didn't solve my problem areas, but it gave me suggestions and made me laugh.

After the accessory tutorial we headed to the mall- it was 3 hours of pure bliss (and a TON of laughs!). My sweet friends tore things out of my hands and replaced them with better choices, brighter colors and LONG pants. I've never shopped that way in my life- I highly recommend it (especially if you have fashionable friends who can lend a hand...and an opinion!)

I can't wait until SPRING!!!


The Browns said...

fashionable friend?? Is that me?! I love it! And LOVE the outfits Sara put together.

Keep the great new looks coming!

Jennifer Barnum said...

Your new jewels/clothes look fabulous! I wish I could have gone shopping with you. Any suggestions on what fashionable girls should wear on a segway tour?...