Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding

I was one of the crazies....up at 4am with Matt & Meredith and a zillion others anxiously waiting to see Kate become a princess.


I invited some friends to watch with me....but they thought I was nuts, so I settled for texting with a few other die hards who live across town!

Was it worth it?

I sobbed almost the entire time. I started when Will and Harry got into their car to go to the abbey and didn't stop. I got myself under control for an 8:30am conference call- but then there were the recaps and I had to turn the TV off completely so I wouldn't gasp for air & sniffle through my other meetings.

And yes, I worked from home today on purpose so I wouldn't miss a second.

I thought they looked SO happy-


And the kiss was so sweet-


I do hope they live happily ever after....

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Jennifer Barnum said...

You really thuoght the kiss was sweet? I must admit...I wanted a little more action. :-)