Thursday, April 21, 2011

where does he get this stuff?

we're going through some changes in our kitchen right now- and on the list to purchase is new kitchen hardware.

seems simple- right?
i've had in my head what i want for weeks...and jon and i went shopping together.

that could have been my first mistake.

have you ever picked out hardware for your cabinets? it's overwhelming- a great big wall with knobs and pulls in all different sizes, shapes, colors and price points.

but i think i'm ahead of the game- since i know exactly what i want for the drawers.

these (or something similar).

but jon isn't on board.
in fact, he flat out refuses to even consider the cup pull.
this from a man who really has relatively few hard core ideas about decorating decisions.

so i ask him why he's so opposed to cup pulls......because i really love them.

his answer??
and i quote-

"it feels like spiders could hide inside the cups and i can't live in fear"

i'm not even joking a little bit.
for the record, i'd like to add that we've never had an episode where spiders have been found lurking near our cabinets...or our drawers.

evidently, one can't be too sure.
and really, how can you argue with that? if the guy is going to put himself out there with a real life fear of spiders........well, who am i to argue.

and so the search for kitchen hardware continues....and one thing is for sure- there will be no cup pulls.

sign- i LOVE a cup pull.


melissa said...

I got a great laugh from that... but you are right, can't argue- he has a point!

Lora said...

unfortunately, he's right. That's the exact reason I re-did my kitchen!

We have cup pulls on our drawers (and still do because the holes in the drawers are oddly spaced.) and one of the drawers is false. When I was cleaning the fronts, my finger smashed into something spongy. A spiders nest!


Jennifer Barnum said...

Too funny! I agree with Jon...not a fan of 8-legged creatures.

The Browns said...

What?? Installing our pulls this week!