Wednesday, April 20, 2011

thank goodness for smart phones...

and the camera's inside them.
otherwise, i wouldn't have these pictures from a wild & crazy evening on the town (I know- STOP the madness!)

let's be clear- these aren't good picture by any stretch of the imagination- but that's ok because they get the job done.

they capture the fun that was had on a VERY rainy Saturday night...after the segway tour that had been booked for months got canceled!!

they capture goofy exchanges between friends (yes, that's blue gum in my mouth)

the acknowledgment of another year gone by & an attempt to remind ourselves that we ARE NOT OLD!!

and the love we all have for this wife, mother, sister, daughter & fab friend.

mission accomplished. what else could you ask for?
happy birthday diana- hope you had a BLAST!!!!


Jennifer Barnum said...

What a fun night! Thanks for keeping the polar bear out of the pictures. :-)

The Browns said...

AHH love this! Thank you so so much for the fab birthday - I had a blast!!!