Sunday, April 10, 2011

homerun (x2)

when something makes your child happy, you have no makes you happy too.
for cooper, it's baseball.
and he's over the moon about it.

therefore, i am too.


he's so serious and so determined....


and he gives it 100%- every single time.

and on saturday, his hard work paid off.

early in the game he hit a beautiful homerun- jon and i were incredibly excited for him.


and our kid was excited too.
the game could have ended there and we wouldn't have stopped smiling for days.

but it kept going...for 6 innings- and the score was tied.
and the other team was at the top of their batting order....and their coach wanted to win. so he asked for an extra inning.

but our scrappy little team played fabulous defense and they didn't let then score one run.

and then we were at bat.
and the 1st kid struck out
and the second kid hit a single
and the third kid hit a single
and the fourth kid was cooper.

and his first pitch was a strike
and his second was a foul
and his third was an out of the park bullet!!

and the crowd went wild!!!
(i'm pretty sure the crowd went wild....because certainly I did!)


and the game was won 7-4.
but it wasn't about winning (well, maybe a little bit)
it was about the feeling that runs through your head and heart when something exciting and unexpected happens.
the feeling of success and of pride.

it's what every parent wants for their child-
dreams realized, hard work paying off and knowing that he matters.


i love happy endings.

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The Browns said...

Oh My Gosh - YAY COOPER!!!!!!!!!!!! This is SO fantastic! I think you've got yourself quite a little slugger!!