Saturday, April 30, 2011

the promised homer


Cooper is incredibly serious about baseball.
He is intense from start to finish and replays each game over and over again after its finished. He's also very aware of the mistakes made during the game- both his and those of every other player on the team.

It's a little bit of a problem, but we're working on it.


He had a night game under the lights on Friday. The counselors from his after school care have been telling him that they're going to come see him play- and on Friday night, they did.

Cooper was thrilled!
He also struck out...
But made a come back with a double and had some impressive defensive work.
They lost the game but he was proud of himself, which is always the goal.

Saturday brought another game but I wasn't able to go. That news didn't go over too well.

So I kissed his little head, told him to hit a home run for me and went to Sarah's Bridal Shower.

About an hour later I got this text message from Jon.

Mets down 0-6 in the 1st. Coop just hit a homer to try and bring them back!

When I tucked him into bed I asked him about it....and he said, "Well, Momma. I promised that I would, so I did."

Like I said,
Cooper is incredibly serious about baseball.

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